What to Consider When Buying Cars From Private Sellers

tips for buying cars from private sellers

When deciding to buy a new car, there are plenty of options available for you, whether buying cars from private sellers, buying brand new cars from companies, or buying your friend’s used car. If you choose to go straight to private sellers, there are a few things you need to consider to make the wisest choice and buy the right car without being scammed. In this article from Junk Car Removals, we give you plenty of tips to check before sealing the deal with a private seller in Brisbane or all around the world. So, keep on reading.


Search Thoroughly Before Buying a Car in Brisbane

After calculating the budget you want to spend, you should search for the car you can buy with that amount of money. Buying cars from private sellers and skipping the dealership means that you should be extra careful because private sellers are lesser-known and you might end up spending all your money on a car that doesn’t worth as much. Check different forums and resources online and offline to make the best decision when buying a used car.


Compare Prices when Buying Cars from Private Sellers

Keep in mind that comparing the prices of different cars with the same model is important when buying a second-hand car from a private seller. Again, don’t underestimate the knowledge you can get from forums. When the private seller tells you the amount of money they get in exchange for the car, you can search through the market and online resources to know if the asked price is fair or not. Then, you can easily negotiate the price when buying cars from private sellers.


Get the Vehicle History Report of the Chosen Car

When depositing the official fee, don’t forget to ask for the vehicle history report afterward. This history report enables you to know if the car you’ve selected is appropriate or not and know all the hidden issues the vehicle has. This report provides information about any accident history, damages, service histories, etc. This report, however, might not show all the things your chosen car has gone through. So, check the identification number of the vehicle on the websites as well when buying cars from private sellers.

VIN (or vehicle identification number) can be checked online from different vendors including the Queensland government website (if you live in Brisbane, Goldcoast, etc.), Carfax, or AutoCheck. By checking the VIN, you get different information about your car including the ownership history, title blemishes, accidents, history of odometer or title fraud, existing liens on the vehicle, airbag deployments, vehicle maintenance history.

You can get the VIN from the seller or on the driver’s side of the dashboard. This number can also be found under the hood in front of the engine, under the spare tire, etc.

tips for buying cars from private sellers

Ask for the Maintenance Record

Having a maintenance record is not compulsory, but manufacturers recommend all owners keep the maintenance record. This record enables you to know the service history of your chosen car.


Ask Questions When Buying Cars from Private Sellers

Ask direct questions from the seller to make the best choice and know whether the chosen car is the right one for you. Below, we have provided you with the most important questions you can ask the seller before sealing the deal:

  • Reason for selling the vehicle
  • Accident history of the car
  • Asking for the service records
  • Who owned and drove the car now and before the current owner, and the reason for using the car
  • Deployment of the airbags
  • What car parts have been changed and are no longer original
  • Which places provided service for the car
  • The issues that have come up with the car since day one.


Driving before Buying

Take the car for a test drive before buying cars from private sellers. You need to test drive the car before signing the contract to have an idea whether the car is right for you and if there are any noticeable things wrong with the car. Drive through Brisbane and see if it’s as smooth and comfortable as you’ve imagined. Check engine, breaks, suspension, gears, etc, to know how if the car is running smoothly.


The Final Step: Take the Vehicle for Inspection

It’s important to take the car for inspection to know an expert’s opinion about the car. The car mechanic or expert can inspect the car thoroughly to give you ease of mind about the health of the car and see if there’s anything wrong with the vehicle. At the end of the expert’s inspection, if you are satisfied with the car, you can go ahead and seal the deal with the private seller.


Buying Cars from Private Sellers and the Role of Junk Car Removals

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