Car Dents: The Ultimate Guide to Repair Them!

Repairing car dents

In this article from Junk Car Removals, we will walk you through the whole process of removing car dents to make your vehicle look good as new. Dents and bumps in the bodywork of your vehicle are annoying. when you are done reading this piece of writing, you can easily remove them from your car! So, let’s dive in…

How Can I Repair Car Dents?

There are different methods and materials that can help you repair car dents quickly! Below, we’ll explain them in detail and teach you how to do it yourself!

  • Repairing dents in a vehicle using a hair dryer

For using this technique, you need a hair dryer, a clean soft cloth, a pair of insulated gloves, and a can of compressed air.

In this method, you should be able to reach both sides of the dent. You may have to open the bonnet or try to reach the other side from underneath the vehicle. If you can do so, turn on the hair dryer on a medium heating setting and keep it at least 5 inches away from the dent. Keep it for about 2 minutes. Then, the panel becomes bendy enough for you to fix the dent.

Repairing car dents

Now, put on the gloves and check if the panel is flexible enough. Do this by pressing the dent’s edges gently. If it’s not bendy enough, keep on using the hair dryer for a bit. But if it’s ok, shake the compressed air and spray it at the dent while the can is upside down. In less than a minute, you’ll see the dent pop back into shape! Then, you can wipe any residue that has been left on the area using your soft, clean cloth.

Wait for at least a day before exposing the vehicle to extreme changes in the temperature.

  • Vanishing car dents using a plunger

Plungers can provide suction to pop the car dents out and make your car looks nice again. But they might not work for all dents. You need a plunger, a pair of insulated gloves, boiling water, as well as a soft and clean cloth.

Only use this technique on plastic parts of the vehicle’s body!

Now, put on your gloves and carefully pour the boiling water over the car dents to soften the area. This will provide the malleable surface you need to pop out the dent. Then, use the plunger and put it over the dent. Make sure it fits right without any air left and pull it out.

If the dent is gone, then you’re good to go. If not, push it from behind with your gloves on. This should do the final trick! Now you can easily dry up the area with a clean and dry cloth. Again, don’t use your car in extreme temperature changes for at least a day.

Repairing car dents

  • Using repair kits for dents

This is by far the most effective solution for repairing car dents! Repair kits for dents are specially designed for such purpose and they come in 3 different types: Pulling, Pushing, and Tapping.

The pulling type works by gluing tabs to the dented area and pulling it out to pop the dent out. The next one pushes the dents outwards from behind but they are a bit more expensive compared to other repair kits. Last but not least, is the tapping one that contains. metal pens for popping out the dent.

  • Repairing dents with dry ice

To use this method, you need a pair of insulated gloves, a hair dryer, dry ice, masking tape, and aluminum foil.

First, put on the gloves and make sure you can reach both sides of the dent. Then, use the medium heating setting of your hair dryer, and just like the technique we talked about above, keep the hair dryer at least 5 to 7 inches away from the dent. 2 minutes should do the job. Then, if the dented area is malleable enough, use aluminum foil and fix it over the dent with masking tape. This will help you protect the paintwork of the car.

Pick a block of dry ice (Don’t forget to have your gloves on through the whole process) and rub it on the foiled area. Do it until you hear the dent pop out. It takes about 1 minute for this to happen. Now, you can remove the foil and clean any residue left using a clean and dry cloth.

  • Using a screwdriver!

To pop out the dents on the door panel of your vehicle, you can use a screwdriver to pull away the door panel. You can easily remove screw covers to detach control panels and any wiring in the armrests of the dented side using a screwdriver. Then, push the dent from behind and it will pop out into the place effortlessly.

These were only some of the cool tricks that can help you repair car dents! Do you know any other tricks for this situation? Comment below and share your experience with us! Don’t forget that you can always get cash for old car that is dented beyond repair at Junk Car Removals!

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