How do I get a charger for my electric car in Brisbane?

Charger for electric car brisbane

Electric Vehicle (EV) sales in Australia doubled in 2021, and it is expected to continue their rise in popularity in 2022. The lower costs of owning an EV car are a good incentive to increase their demand. With half of the fuel costs currently at a record high, you can charge your electric engine and drive the same distance. Add lower maintenance costs and environmental benefits to their lists of pros. You can understand all the rage about owning an EV. However, the number one reason for the unwillingness of some customers to buy an electric car is the fear of dead batteries on the road, also known as range anxiety.

Range anxiety threat is why many potential electric car owners refuse to buy an electric car. Towing costs in Brisbane are not cheap and a dead battery can ruin your journey. But the more charging stations are built throughout cities and highways, the more minor this threat will be, and more people will buy EVs. The city of Brisbane is on a path to ensure a greener future by creating the necessary infrastructure needed for EVs. This article will review the charging stations and options you can find for your electric car in Brisbane.

Electric Car Charging Solutions in Brisbane

The Queensland government Electric Super Highway program is in its third phase. They have already installed 31 fast chargers connecting Queenslanders and tourists travelling from Coolangatta to Port Douglas and Brisbane to Toowoomba. In phase 3, there will be 24 new charging locations added to the list. The chargers are installed in safe locations close to major highways where there are cafes, restaurants, and shops to quickly charge your vehicle, enjoy a short break, and prepare for a safe onward journey. You will need a Chargefox account, and you can download the form from the Apple Store or Google Play. You can also find a map of charging locations through the Plugshare or on Chargefinder websites.

Let’s take a look at charging stations available across Brisbane.

High power stations across Brisbane

The public high power chargers, such as Tesla Superchargers, are a viable method of charging for long-distance travel with short charging times. High power stations in Brisbane charge at a rate of 50 kW. At the Brisbane Airport, high power electric vehicle charging is available, including cables and high power charging to quickly charge your vehicle. Across Brisbane, you can find high power stations at the University of Queensland parking, the Calamvale Central Shopping Centre, IKEA Springwood, and Kelvin Grove J Block Carpark and Stadium. They all provide 22 to 50kw chargers, and the fees are between $0.30 to $0.59 per kWh.

Public stations across Brisbane

Brisbane’s other public charging stations provide chargers with 7.2 to 22 kW rates. For an hour of charging with a rate of 22 kW, you can drive up to 130 kilometres with your EV. The number of public stations in Brisbane is higher than high power stations. There are stations at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South City Square, Wintergarden Centre, the Queens Plaza, Griffith University Nathan Campus, Rochedale Village, Westfield Chermside, Moggill Village Shopping centre and many other places.

With all of these charging stations available in Brisbane, it is the best time to change to a more environmentally-friendly electric car. Looking for a car wrecker in Brisbane? Junk car removals take care of your unwanted car. The paying process is quick and easy, as we pay you cash right on the spot.

What are the different plug types used in Brisbane?

Charging stations in Australia use two key plug types, CCS and ChaDeMo. Cars such as Nissan Leaf use ChaDeMo, while the Jaguar I-Pace uses CCS. Another term used for charging stations is Type 1 and Type, which indicate the different AC sockets used. Type 1 has a single-phase capacity, whereas type 2 uses a three-phase capacity which allows more current. Both of these types are available at charging stations in Brisbane.

electric car charger in Brisbane

Charging an electric car at home

Although we rely on charging stations throughout the cities and highways, most electric car charging will be carried out at home due to the convenience and cheaper electricity rates. Charging at home can also get more affordable if you install solar panels to generate your needed energy. Compared to rapid charging stations, slow charging prolongs battery life. One option is to plug the car into a wall socket, which offers a charging rate of about 2 kW. This is the slowest method which can take more than a day for your car to charge. But you can speed up the process by installing a wall box unit in your garage or driveway. This is a low-cost solution to lower the charging time of your car. Charging times depend on the type of charger and the size of your car’s battery. Generally speaking, it takes between 7 to 12 hours to charge your car with a wall box. You can wake up in the morning to a fully charged car with no worries.

The good thing about charging at home is that you can set your EV as often as possible. It is unnecessary to charge every day, but most drivers plugin at night. This can ease your mind that your car will be available in case of emergency travelling. Also, you can use cheaper nighttime electricity rates.

How to get an electric car charging wall box installed at home

You need the help of a professional to install the charging box in your house. Wall boxes are usually installed in the garage or the driveway, where the car is often parked. The installer will mount the box where you want it and connects it to the main electricity supply. It takes around 3 hours for the job to get done but will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. In Brisbane, you can find EV installing businesses such as EGen, Springers and EVSE. You can visit their websites to get a quote on their products and labour prices.

The final word

With concerns over the environmental effects of driving petrol-fueled cars, there has been a rise in the popularity of electric vehicles more than ever. A problem many EV drivers face is dead batteries. Hopefully, Brisbane offers many options for electric car charging. There are already many charging stations active around the city, and you can install a charging wall box in your house to decrease charging times. All these options will help with electric cars’ popularity and ensure a greener future for all of us.

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electric car charger in Brisbane

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