How to handle a minor car accident? (9 Things you must do)

What to do after a car accident

Minor car accidents are common and they are usually a matter of bad luck. A minor car accident is a slow-moving collision that might happen at parking lots, driveways, stoplights or in neighbourhoods. Even a minor accident can cause a lot of stress, as it can cost a lot of money to repair the car when it’s not even your fault. Not knowing how to handle things can add to your stress and make things worse. If you’ve been involved in a car accident and don’t know what to do, stay calm and read through this article for the things you must be doing during a minor car collision.

And if you are just a careful driver who wants to learn more about how to avoid collisions, this article on defensive driving is designed to guide you on how to improve your skills. So, let’s dive into the list of things you should do during a minor car accident.

1. Stay Calm

Try not to escalate the situation by getting angry at the other driver. You should keep it cool. Take some deep breaths, ask the other driver about their well being, and make sure no one has been injured. You should also check yourself for any probable injuries. In minor collisions, it’s possible that injuries are not obvious immediately. If you think you (or anybody else) are injured; stay calm, try not to move and call the emergency.

2. Take pictures

Right after the accident, take a picture of the other driver’s plates in case he tries to drive away. If you can make the model of his car you can report the accident easier. You should also try to document the accident. Sometimes during minor car accidents, you have to move your cars to let the traffic move, and taking a picture can help you with the authorities. The other driver might claim a different story and documenting the scene will help you prove your point to the police or insurance company.

3. Get yourself to safety

When the accident is minor and your car can move, blocking the traffic or the roadway might cause a hazard. After snapping pictures with your phone, pull your car to the side of the road. If it’s safe where it is, e.g. you are in a parking lot, you can leave it there until the police come. You should stay in a safe place away from the traffic and also get your passengers to safety.

4. Call the police

Whether you had a minor fender-bender or a major collision, it is important to call the police. An officer can make a report on the accident, which might be needed by your insurance company. The police will document the details of the scene and give a neutral report. If you are not at fault, this report can save you from when the other driver tries to claim a different story. If the police can’t come to the scene of the accident, you can go to the nearest police station and complete a report yourself.

5. Exchange information

While you are waiting for a police officer to show up, gather some information from the other driver. Examples of information you can exchange includes:

  • Name and contact information
  • Names and contact information of passengers or witnesses
  • The other driver’s insurance provider and policy information
  • Date, time, and location of the accident

And when the officer shows up, remember to get his name and badge number.

What to do during minor car accidents

6. Call your insurance

As soon as you can, report the accident to your insurer. You can use the phone number on your insurance card, or some insurance companies have mobile apps that you can use to quickly file a report. They can also guide you on what to do after the accident. If your car is damaged, they can arrange a repair shop or body shop visit for you and even tow your car for you.

When your car has been in a lot of accidents, and it costs a lot to repair, there are different options you can consider after dealing with the accident report. If you’re thinking about upgrading your old car, we can help you get cash in exchange for your unwanted car. You can also use car recycling services if your car is too old to be exchanged.

7. Do not leave the scene of the accident

Car crashes are stressful events, and it is common for fight-or-flight mechanisms to kick in. As we mentioned, you should stay calm and not cause any scenes by fighting with the other driver. But you should also not flee the scene! Even if it’s just a minor accident, never leave the scene before you exchange contact information with the other drivers. If police are on their way, you need to wait for them to arrive. If you leave too soon, criminal charges can be brought against you.

8. Never Admit Fault

It would be better to not admit anything after the accident since there are many factors involved that you might not be aware of. Leave the decision to the police and the insurance company, even if you’re sure it’s your fault. You may be only partially at fault and that can be decided by a police officer. Also, if the other driver accepts fault and asks not to involve the police or not pursue an insurance claim, do not accept or promise him anything. The emotions run high after an accident and you should remember to not make any promises and just do the right thing and follow through with the steps in this article.

9. See a doctor

Following any car crashes, minor or major, you should seek medical help. Vulnerable parts of the body like the neck or spine are susceptible to injuries during accidents. You might not feel any pain or the injuries might not be visible on your body, but the signs can take up to weeks after the accident to show up. If left untreated, injuries such as concussions or neck pain can lead to long term problems. That is why a specialist can help identify and treat your injuries.

Another issue with minor car accident is the dent or minor damage that it will on your cars body and paint job. One good way to keep your car’s OEM paint job safe from scratches are vinyl wraps. With a price lower compared to paint jobs, a vinyl wrap helps with keeping the value of your car and it’s also removable!

You can never predict when an accident will happen, but following these steps may help protect you from unnecessary worries. What is more, driving a safer car can help you avoid unnecessary worries and holdups. Connect with one of our specialists if you need cash to upgrade to a safer vehicle. We provide cash for car services if you are living in Brisbane. Our team will remove your old car from your parking ASAP!

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