How much does it cost to tint car windows in Brisbane?

tint car window brisbane

Car window tinting reduces the amount of visible light coming inside your car by darkening the windows. Tint car windows can block up to %99 of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation, which is a leading cause of skin cancer. Furthermore, the darkened windows help reduce the interior heat by up to %60. A cooler interior decreases energy use, and you can save on fuel costs, especially in summers. Aside from that, tints improve the style of your vehicle.

A common question car owners ask is, ‘How much will it cost to tint my car in Brisbane?’ To give you an accurate estimation of prices, we first need to talk about the factors involved in pricing for tints. Why? Well, because there are quite a few factors that determine the final price of a tinting job. Continue reading to learn more about car tinting, the available types of tint, the pros and cons, and average estimated costs in Brisbane.

car window tint brisbane

The Benefits

As we mentioned before, UV rays are a significant cause of skin cancer. Tinted windows can block the UV and Infrared rays from entering your car and harming your skin. They keep the interiors of your car safe from the detrimental effects of sunlight and heat. With a lower temperature inside your ride, energy can be conserved when using the AC less.

Another interesting benefit of window tinting is its role in protecting you during accidents. A window tint is a film, so it can help keep the broken window pieces together in case of accidents. They also help keep your car’s privacy since tinted windows are harder to look through. Suppose you leave any valueables inside your car by any chance. In that case, there is less possibility of it being spotted by someone from outside.

With the comfort they provide in decreasing inside temperatures, fewer fuel costs, more privacy and a sharper look for your ride, window tinting is an exciting option to add to your vehicle. With many different options available, a review of various kinds and types of tinting can help you decide what works better for your needs.

The different kinds of car window tinting

Car windows are either tinted by the manufacturing company or later on in the market. Factory tinted windows are made by adding dyes directly to the glass manufacturing material. They help reduce the amount of UV and improve car efficiency when the air conditioner is on. The quality of factory tints are really high and if you own an old car, it is worth it to upgrade to a new car with factory tinted windows. Our offer is to use car wreckers, since they can pay you cash faster than other options. We are a car wrecking company in Brisbane, and we buy old cars for cash.

Now let’s talk about the other kind of window tints. The kind of tinting that is applied in the market, AKA aftermarket tinting, is a film applied to the car windows. Compared to factory tints, there are more options that can allow virtually no light inside the vehicle while protecting the interior from sunlight damage. Aftermarket tints are made from different materials, impacting their pricing and ability to block sunlight and protect against harmful rays.

The different types of window tint

Window tints differ in terms of the material used in creating the film. There are dyed films which are the most affordable and common type used in cars. Dyed tints have different levels of darkness you can choose from. But their ability to block UV and control interior heat is limited compared to other available options. There are tints manufactured from metal that helps them reflect the sunlight. They add protection to your vehicle’s windows with a fabulous shiny look.

Carbon is always an option, which is more effective than metals and dyed tints in reducing sunlight and heat. The downside is the price that is higher than dyed and metal tints. Then there is the ceramic kind, which outperforms all the other options mentioned. Ceramic tints block more than 99 percent of incoming UV rays and have more extended durability. With ceramic tints, your car’s internals is safe from the heat. However, ceramic tints are the most expensive option available.

car window tint brisbane

Factors determining costs to tint car windows

Although the type of tint used is essential in estimating the overall costs of tinting your ride, other factors are involved. The experts at the repair shop will ask you questions to calculate a quote for tinting your car windows. The first question is, how many windows of your car do you need to be tinted? Is it the entire car, or maybe only one or two windows? Furthermore, not all vehicles are the same size. More oversized windows need more film to cover the whole window, increasing the overall price of tinting. Bigger cars such as SUVs usually have bigger windows compared to smaller cars.

So, the type of tint used, the model of your car, and how many windows you need to be tinted are all determining factors. That is why the prices discussed in this article are only estimates, and you need to ask for quotes from different sources and compare the prices. Now let’s take a look at the average prices in Brisbane.

What is the average cost to tint car windows in Brisbane?

On average, the cost of getting your car windows tinted in Brisbane is between $225 to $400. You should expect to pay around $250 for a good quality tint job from a professional. The average price of tinting for a single window tint is about $70. While small hatchbacks cost between $225 and $325 to tint, for Sedans the costs are between $240 to $330. SUVs that generally have bigger windows compared to other cars cost between  $260 and $380. Keep in mind that the labour times of applying the film also add to the final costs, and it usually takes between 1 to 2 days to finish the job.

The final word

Car tinting is a popular practice to improve the look of your car, and take advantage of its other benefits such as cooler interiors and more privacy. The prices differ based on the type of tint, size and model of your car, and the number of windows you need to be tinted. Although the quality of available tints in the market have increased through the years, another good option is factory tinted windows. You can consider buying a car with tinted windows next time you are upgrading your vehicle. Consider using our free car removal services. We collect your car from your house and pay you top cash for your car.

car window tint brisbane

Car Tinting FAQs

How Much to Tint Windows?

It depends on the type of your car, how many windows you need to dye, the size of your windows, and the kind of material used in tinting your windows. However, an estimated price for tinting car windows in Brisbane is around $225 to $400.

How Long Does It Take to Tint Windows?

The labour costs include the number of hours needed to apply the tint to your car. On average, each window takes up to two hours, and usually, tint jobs are completed in 1 to 2 days of work.

How to Remove Window Tint?

You could remove the tint yourself if you decide you don’t need them anymore. But be careful to not damage the windows. Use heat to loosen the adhesive. Then remove the corner edges of the film using a razor blade and gently pull the film from the windows. Use the razor to clean off the remaining glue from the windows. We have a complete guide on how to remove old tint from car windows.

What is the law in Brisbane for window tinting?

In Australia, window tints are measured in Visible Light Transmission (VLT). You can tint your rear, front and back-side windows tinted. The windscreens are off-limit in Australia. These limits apply to vehicles with no existing tint. In different states, the laws differ on the percentage of allowed VLT. In Queensland, the front-side window is allowed up to %35 VLT, while the regulations state that the rear and back-side windows are limited to %20.

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