Top tips on fuel cost saving

Ways to save costs on fuel

With fuel prices hitting record levels, we’re all watching our wallets and looking for new ways for fuel cost saving. Due to high inflation rates outpacing wage increases, the costs of living are rising faster than ever, and one of the primary factors that influence our lives is fuel costs. That is why a vehicle’s fuel efficiency is among the priorities of car buyers. “How much should I budget for petrol?” you might ask, or check petrol prices in Australia daily to find lower prices. But there are other ways to help you decrease your average petrol costs per kilometer. Luckily, in this article our team at junk car removals have prepared the best ways to make your fuel go further, resulting in fewer trips to the petrol station. Driving habits, car and tire maintenance, or lifestyle changes are the major players in petrol conservation.

Before we dive in, if your car is using more fuel than usual, you should decide is it worth it to repair your vehicle?, or should you consider upgrading? So, let’s talk about the tricks you can use to start saving on fuel costs.

Change your driving habits

Keep Your Speed in Check

The fuel consumption of your car is determined by several elements, one of which is the friction between the wind and the road. You could save money on fuel simply by driving at speeds between 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. This is true because at speeds higher than 80 your car’s efficiency will drop significantly. Another tip that you should keep in mind is avoiding taking off quickly in your car. When you drive gently, your car’s engine needs less fuel in comparison. Rapid accelerations and braking frequently may increase your fuel usage up to 30% more.

Unburden your vehicle

Maybe it is time for you to get rid of all the stuff you have piled up in the trunk of your car. Your engine is doing a lot of work carrying around all those excess weights around. Imagine walking around with a heavy backpack every day. The small items can also add up to a lot of weight. If you have roof or bicycle racks that you don’t use regularly, take them off. Not only do these parts increase car weight, but they also slow you down through wind friction.

Another useful idea is to only half-fill your petrol tank. Your car weighs a lot less when the tank is half empty. However, you have to factor in that it requires you to travel to the petrol station more frequently. But if you don’t need to use the car a lot, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Reduce energy usage

Many of us know driving around with the air conditioning switched on causes a lot of fuel consumption. Turning on the air-con or heater can make your car use as much as 10% more fuel than going without it. It would be helpful to get into the habit of only using AC when necessary, to avoid draining your fuel. Idling the engine to keep the AC running is itself another source of energy usage. Some people leave the car running in chilly mornings to warm up the engine. Not only this practice is wasting your car’s fuel, but it can also be a cause of pollution to the environment. If you drive a manual car, it’s also a good point to keep in mind: use the correct gear! Using too low gear for your speed or a high gear can affect your fuel efficiency because the engine has to burn more fuel to compensate.

Petrol station

Keep Your Car Maintained

Check your tires

You should check the condition of your tires regularly to make sure tire pressure is suitable. Underinflated tires cause more fuel usage, in addition to being dangerous while driving. If your budget is not limited, there are energy-efficient options you can pick from. Your tires are in constant contact with the road and as such, they suffer a lot of wear, even if you drive carefully. This is why you must keep an eye on the condition of your tires. Tyre pressure level must be maintained as recommended by the manufacturer.

Have a servicing schedule

Blocked air filters may lower the performance of your vehicle. A binding brake has been proved to increase the kilometer per liter. An AC that is not working at its best can take more energy than it needs. As time passes, every car gets rusty, and to restore the vehicle to optimal performance, regular service is a must for the car and its engine to get tuned up. This is also beneficial for your car’s value since an up-to-date service history means a dealer will put a higher price tag on your car if you were looking to exchange or upgrade. Junk car removal Brisbane will give you a hand if you ever considered getting some cash for your old car to change or upgrade.

Change your lifestyle

Fill your tank at dawn or dusk

Hot and cold conditions can affect petrol with expansions and contraction. Believe it or not, cold mornings cause fuel to become denser, which means you can get a little more on every liter. Also, petrol is volatile and on hot summer days, there is a possibility of fuel evaporating. This can also happen when you park your car outside. One way to avoid this is to find a shady spot or park inside your garage during hot summer days. Don’t forget to double-check your tank cap after going to the pump. Good practice in summer is to hit the fuel pump when the sun’s not out. The temperature is at its lowest early in the morning or late in the evening, and this is the best time to purchase fuel.

Alternatives to driving

While I agree that Australia is a big place and some journeys are not possible on foot, for close distances you can walk, cycle or use public transport options. This has the benefit of getting you more active along with saving you some money on fuel. If your commute to work is shared with your colleagues, you can also try carpooling which is a win for all. Altering drivers means you get to use your car only half of what it used to be or even less, considering more carpooling partners are involved.

Buy an economical car

Modern vehicles are getting more and more efficient. Manufacturers have to meet tightening emission and fuel consumption laws. Innovative technologies to reduce fuel consumption mean every day newer models use less fuel. Old cars can chew more fuel and although it might seem costly, owning a more efficient vehicle could save you in the long run. There are economical cars you can buy that will save a lot of money for you in the long run.

Another option is to consider a hybrid or electric car. This might not be an option for everyone and electric cars have their high expenses. But it is still a decision that can help cut your fuel costs.

If your car’s kilometer per liter is causing you concern and you have decided on changing or upgrading, junk car removals will pick up your car in exchange for cash if you have an unwanted car, truck, Ute, or a 4WD and you just need some cash in exchange.

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