Maintenance and Repair Tips: Extending the vehicle’s life span

Car Maintenance and Repair Tips and Tricks

If you love your car and are tired of facing different problems every now and then, we have a solution for you! There are a few maintenance and repair tips you can use that will eliminate your need to go back and forth to the automobile repair shop and will extend the lifespan of your machine. If you want to avoid these problems, then read this article from Junk Car Removals and use these tips gathered by our experts. Are you ready? Then keep on reading.


  1. Don’t Drive Fast with Your New Vehicle

We have all felt the excitement of having a new car and wanting to ride the car at a high speed on the road. But keep in mind that you should drive your new car with care when it’s new during the break-in period or else, soon you’ll find yourself trying to sell your unwanted car for top cash in Brisbane because it keeps getting you into trouble. When your car is new, you should keep that in mind that you have to keep your speed lower than 55mph for the first thousand miles. Usually, the manufacturer recommends a speed limit for the break-in period and it’s best to stay within that recommended limit.


  1. Don’t Keep the Vehicle Idle for TOO Long!

Aren’t you happy about your new car? Then get behind the wheels and keep driving! If you keep your vehicle idle for too long, especially when it’s new, it’s not good for its engine. Drive the car regularly for the first few months for the oil pressure to regulate. When the vehicle is new and hasn’t been driven much, the oil pressure won’t be enough for the oil to be sent to all engine parts. So, keep driving for a few months and enjoy your new car!


  1. Keep the RPMs Below 3000

Another important item in the list of maintenance and repair tips you should consider is related to acceleration. Keep in mind that you should use medium to light acceleration for your new car. Especially when you receive the car, in the first few hours of driving, keep the PRMs below 3000.

Car Maintenance and Repair Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t Warm the Engine When the Vehicle is Idle

Many people think it’s a smart idea to warm their engine in the driveway before hitting the road… Well, guess what? It’s not! When the vehicle is idle in the driveway and you try to warm up the engine, it will lead up to incomplete combustion. Plus, it may cause soot and dirt to form up on the cylinder walls as well as oil contamination, resulting in damaging engine components.


  1. One of the Most Important Maintenance and Repair Tips: Avoid Potholes!

That’s right! This is one of the greatest items on our maintenance and repair tips and tricks list! If you drive carefully and avoid potholes, fast starts, and sudden breaks, you will extend the life of your car tires and hence, the life of your precious vehicle. There aren’t many potholes in Brisbane but if you are careful enough, you can dodge those one or two on the way!


  1. Don’t Overload Your Keychain!

Are you among the ones who have a keychain full of keys? Take extra keys out right now! The weight of these keys and the bouncing of the car when driving can result in ignition switch failure in the long run. If you remove those extra keys, you will add to the life of the ignition switch.


  1. Maintain Proper Tire Inflation

It’s important to check your tires’ pressure every week! In order to do so, you can get a tire pressure gauge. You can find one in every store in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Caboolture, Ipswich, or Logan that sells car-related items. Driving a car that has under-inflated tires, will lead to tire failure in the long run because they create a lot of heat. Fill the tires up to the manufacturer’s recommended level for your car to have the best performance.

Car Maintenance and Repair Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t Park Your Vehicle Under the Sun

Among the most important maintenance and repair tips and tricks is parking your car in the shade! If you want your car to look as fresh as its first day, it’s important to always park your car in the shade and avoid keeping it under the sun for too long because UV rays and high heat can damage the car’s interior, its leather, as well as its fabric.


  1. Take Care of Paint Chip and Scratches

It’s more than just beauty! It’s about defense. Although it might not seem like a big maintenance and repair tips and tricks item, car paints are the first line of defense when it comes to rust. So, take care of any chipped paint or scratches on your vehicle’s body to keep it safe.


Is Your Car Damaged Beyond These Maintenance and Repair Tips?

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