Sold Your Junk Car to A Salvage Yard In Brisbane? This is what happens!

sell your car to a salvage yard

If your junk car has taken up a huge space in your yard, it’s time to send it to a salvage yard. When you decide to sell your used car and receive cash from it, you should call Junk Car Removal to get cash for cars in Brisbane. You will help the environment as well when you do so.

If your car is in a salvage yard, this is what happens to it:

After sending your junk car to a salvage yard, it will be recycled. Many usable parts will be separated and sold. You can use some of the used parts and use them for other cars before crushing the car. In the salvage yard, other materials are separated and sent to the recycling centers. These materials can be worthy metals such as steel, palladium or platinum, batteries, wheels, plastics, copper wiring, and so on. You need to give your car to a salvage yard that is professional in scrapping the car and they discharge the harmful materials such as antifreeze properly. Other materials are reusable and can be sold to the ones who need them. These materials include fuels, coolants, and maybe oil.

After you sell your car to a salvage yard they will take out the VIN to make sure that your car will not be sold to anyone else and it will be in the category of salvage vehicles.
After dismantling the car the remaining is processed and it will get crushed and recycled. The recycling process will help the Australian environment and it also saves our planet. As there is no need to produce more steel or iron and tons of them are back in the car manufacturing factories. Nowadays over 25 percent of our need for Steel is provided by recycling these metals.

Car Recycling

Vehicles are one of the most recyclable products in the world and every part can be reused or recycled. To mention some of these parts used in the process of car recycling, we can list tires, car upholstery, the steel pan and the frame itself. The junk car needs to pass some steps in the salvage yard and each step has its own specification. Salvage yards play a significant role in scrapping cars and more than ten million cars are scrapped every year. This helps the economy and industry as well.
The brakes are among those equipment that can be reused for other cars so the salvage yard will sell them for you. The brakes have some pads, drums, calipers and rotors which can be reused and sold and there is no need to waste these valuable parts.
In salvage yards the interior parts are removed and you need to know that interior parts are rare and if one part of a car is broken it is really difficult to find a replacement for it so you should go to salvage yards to find what you need. Popular interior parts include seats, high-quality steering wheels, electronic devices and many other parts. By buying second-hand spare parts, you will save a lot of money on car maintenance. There are many sources for buying second hand spare parts. You should note that second-hand parts are not necessarily worn out and unusable and can work for you for years. You just have to know how to find them and be able to evaluate the quality of the parts with enough information. Salvage yard experts will help you to find the best spare parts for you.

sell your car to a salvage yard

All junk cars are valuable in a salvage yard

Your junk car may be useless to you but if you send it to a salvage yard they will separate the valuable parts such as its steel, plastics, aluminum, glass, zinc, bronze, rubber, silicon, oil and useful fluids. Most of these materials can be useful for car manufacturing industries and some of them are rare and you will help your society by sending your junk car to a salvage yard instead of parking it in your yard and filling a large place. You can use your place for better usage.

Junk Car Scrapping Steps in a Salvage Yard

Fluid Drainage

The first important stage in car scrapping is fluid’s drainage which is done in salvage yards and this step should be done based on regulations. To avoid harming the environment you should dispose of all the fluids such as engine oil, gasoline, transmission fluids, engine coolant, antifreeze and hydraulics. If these fluids pour on the ground they contaminate the environment so they have to be drained.

Reclaiming Some Used Parts

Before crushing the junk car you need to sell it to a salvage yard to reclaim the safe equipments. No matter how damaged your car is, it will definitely have some useful opponents. These opponents should be put into consideration by experts who work in salvage yards. Some of these equipments are applicable in other industries and you can use them straightaway or with some changes.


After those components which are deemed salvageable have been pulled from the vehicle, it is then sent into the crusher to be flattened, after which it is fed to the shredder which shreds them into bits and pieces.


In this step, with the help of a magnet the materials such as steel or magnet are separated and similar materials gather together for recycling and other processes.
Finally about 75 percent of your junk car will get reused or recycled and its opponents will be used in other cars. This method which is done in salvage yards specifically saves your money and helps the environment and it reduces air pollution and the cost of manufacturing new cars.

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