What you need to know before upgrading to a family car!

SUVs for families

Although it may be hard for some to let go of their sports cars or convertibles, having more space in your vehicle for a growing family is necessary. The transition might be hard for you at first, but the convenience and the comfort will grow on you as time passes. Many Australian families are choosing more space in their cars to accommodate their families nowadays. Buying a family car is one of the most significant life decisions for most of us. It can feel tricky since it’s an expensive decision to make, and not everyone is a car enthusiast. When looking for a family car, horsepower and sound systems are not a priority anymore. The focus should be on space, safety and budget. Some people might find the budget through car removal services. If you are on the hunt for a family car, Here’s how to get started.

As always, safety first!

Your family car will be a chariot for your loved ones, and they deserve a safe space for travelling. There are online sources that can tell you about the safety ratings of different car models. If you have a list of vehicle models, go online and check their safety ratings. Speaking to friends and other family members who have similar living conditions as you can also be helpful. Ask them about any problems they had with their cars or any recommendations. We recommend considering a car with a safety rating of 5 stars to give your family the best chance against accidents.

When it comes to family cars, size matters!

If you haven’t figured out what size vehicle you need, this is an excellent place to start your research. Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are usually the most popular with families because of their safety, comfort, spacious interiors, and cargo space. You need to consider the number of children you have or if any other babies are on their way. Keep in mind that soon, your children will grow up, and your car might not be as comfortable as it is right now. The vehicle size can also affect available space in your garage, fuel costs, and passengers’ safety.

Choose between a new and used car

It’s essential to work out in advance what your budget is and then stick to it. Family life is expensive, and sometimes we might have to decide on buying a used car. But there are other factors to consider. Used cars might be cheaper at first, but you need to make sure maintenance costs will not bother you in the long run. A new car might be more affordable in comparison. Since used vehicles do not depreciate as much as a new car, buying a used car may be a better option for your money. In case you end up buying a used car for your family, getting a background check on the car’s history is a good idea. The owner might owe some money and you don’t make the history check, police could repossess the vehicle from you down the road.

If you have an old car and thinking “I should sell my old car for cash and upgrade to a family car”, junk car removals can help you with the car pick up and transfer.

Family car needs to be safe

Evaluate fuel efficiency

Family cars burn more fuel since bigger cars weigh more. There is also more running around in cars for families. That is why fuel consumption should be on your checklist. A fuel-efficient vehicle will help you with your expenses. With the latest surges in petrol prices, this is an undeniable factor to consider. Online guides help you compare different car models based on fuel consumption. So make sure to do your research. But there are other factors involved in vehicle fuel efficiency that you should consider.


Family trips are one of the great joys of owning a family-sized car. The best memories will be made on long road trips during holidays if only the family is comfortable in the car. You need to make sure there is enough legroom for passengers, the seats are comfy and keep the whining from your kids to a minimum. For some, the car’s height might be a cause for discomfort. If your car is too high, It will be harder for young children to get into, and if you find yourself parked on a busy road, this can be extremely dangerous!


If you’re on the road a lot, you might want to invest more in your car. Will you be making lots of shorter journeys, or using it to travel across the country? The longer you spend in your car, the more comfortable you and your family members will want it to be. That is why entertainment options might come in handy. Back-seat LCD screens can keep your family entertained on long trips. Some cars have WiFi hotspots which will be necessary if you have teenagers on board. But the most important feature to look for might be USB chargers for your electronic devices. 

Climate control

Adequate air conditioning that can reach all parts of the big car and having vents at the front and back will help everyone feel more comfortable when travelling. Numerous vents circulate the air in the cabin. There is also less need for using the AC since it can eat up your fuel by increasing energy usage.

Happy hunting!

You will often find that large cars tend to carry heftier price tags than hatchbacks and other small vehicles, which can be a difficulty when buying a practical family car. Luckily there are several ways that you can purchase a new car.

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