Reasons why car recycling is important

why car recycling is important

Recycling is good for our environment, and many people nowadays take part in recycling their household waste, such as bottles or cans. Unfortunately, the amount of recycling we are trying to do is still far away from what we need to control the damage we are doing to our planet. To have a better chance at success, we need to think bigger. Cars are the one commodity that not everyone considers for recycling. Do you know what parts of a car can be recycled? Cars are made from materials used in any other products. A car’s body, the batteries, and the tyres are examples of car parts that auto wreckers like us can recycle. So, what is the importance of car recycling?

In Australia, more than half a million cars are disposed of annually. The body parts usually end up in a landfill, harming the environment through processes such as leakage, which pollutes groundwater resources. Incineration also causes a lot of air pollution and harms natural habitats. But we can help mitigate the harm we are instigating to the environment through recycling. This article will look at why recycling cars is essential and how recycling car parts like scrap metal or oil can have multiple benefits and help save Earth.

1. Recycling car batteries

Car batteries use lead-acid since they are a cost-effective method for power storage and can provide power while the engine is off. However, the problem with lead batteries is their breakdown and release of toxic lead and sulphuric acid into the environment. Major health problems such as kidney damage might happen if these poisonous chemicals leak into our surface or groundwater resources. This can be a cause of significant harm to animal habitats and endangered species living in close vicinities of landfills and junkyards. By recycling our car batteries, the production of new batteries will be more cost-effective and resource-efficient. At the same time, fewer toxic chemicals are distributed through our environment. The lead can be recycled with much less energy. Other parts, such as the plastic and electrolytes, are also recyclable.

2. Scrap metals

The metal used in cars is manufactured using a lot of energy and mining. Coal and iron used in the production of raw metal can be preserved. The coal burnt in metal is a top contributor to global warming, and the mining process also affects the environment. All of this can be prevented by recycling metal parts in cars. The metal can stand continual recycling without a decrease in quality, but the process is also cheaper compared to mining. So there is a great incentive from manufacturers to invest in metal recycling. Metal from car parts is dismantled, and steel parts are separated from recyclable materials. Then the steel parts are melted down and rolled into new flat sheet steel. Recycled steel can be used for various purposes, including by the auto industry, construction materials and steel cans, at a lower price than raw material.

Selling your junk car to car wrecking services is a good way to help recycle the scrap metal from your car. If you are looking for car recycling Brisbane, we can help recycle all parts of a car or any other vehicle. We understand the importance of car recycling and we have a recycling rate greater than 85% for a typical vehicle.

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3. Car oil and fluids

The oil keeps our cars running smoothly. During regular use, dirt, metal scrapings, water, or chemicals, can get mixed in with the oil so that, in time, the oil no longer performs well. Eventually, this used oil must be replaced with virgin or re-refined oil to do the job correctly. Used motor oil sticks to everything, degrades slowly and is a major source of contamination. When dumped into landfills, the oil used in engines and brake fluids is a hazard to water and soil. One litre of oil can pollute up to one million litres of water. Oil contamination of waterways can result in pollution of drinking water sources. Fortunately, oil can be recycled for use in fuel oils or in petrochemical industries. Producing re-refined oil uses a lot less energy compared to crude oil.

4. Tyres

Millions of tyres are disposed of worldwide annually, and a large portion of those tyres are burnt. Gases released by burning tyres enter a lot of toxic pollutants into the air and damage the land. In Australia alone, 17 million tyres are dumped each year. Instead of burning tyres, the rubber can be recycled. The rubbers are shredded in the recycling centre, or at some centres, the rubber is turned into fuel sources. The recycled tyres are used for different purposes such as compost bins, road surfacing solutions, etc.

5. Glasses

Glass removed from scrap cars is broken into smaller pieces and melted in lower temperatures. Like metals, glass can be recycled over and over again. Recycling glass saves energy due to the lower need for glass manufacturing from scratch. Less energy is needed for recycling glass than for manufacturing. Glass from the windshields can be recycled into clean reusable glass for fibreglass companies or in jars and bottles. Recycling glass reduces CO2 emissions and saves raw materials such as sand, soda ash and limestone.

6. Plastics

An average car contains up to 200 kg of plastic. The high resistance and durability of plastic components, coupled with their low weight, is one of the main reasons they are so extensively used. Dashboards, bumpers and internal structures made from plastic can be separated and recycled to be reused for auto parts and other uses. The manufacturing of plastic is controversial due to its environmental dangers. With high numbers of cars being manufactured annually, it’s proof on the importance of car recycling and using recycled plastic can help decrease the carbon footprint of cars.

We can help you recycle your car!

Do you want to take part in saving our planet by recycling your junk car? Do you believe in the importance of car recycling and want to take part? Auto wreckers can scrap metals from old vehicles and significantly reduce the amount of junk that enters landfills. Junk car removals is a car removal service that can offer you cash for your scrap car. We operate in Brisbane and Gold Coast and will take your junk cars, trucks or any kind of vehicle you have, remove it from your parking garage and offer you cash on the spot.

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