We pay top price for junk, old and dead buses

As one of the leading car wreckers, junk cars removal offers the highest prices to you. are you sick and tired of your dead bus which has occupied a large space (a space which you can use in so many better ways!)?

Do you want to start out your home business using the garage area but every time you look at the old, not working bus crumpled in there, you just change your mind? The good news is here! You can solve all these problems with just a call! The second good news is that apart from the space that will be free, you instantly get your cash! Yes! We offer the highest prices for your unwanted bus because we know the real value of that.

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Regardless of model and condition, we want your bus

Some companies work with just some specific models. But not us!

World’s top 10 bus manufacturers include Yutong, Daimler, King Long, Golden Dragon, Marcopolo S.A, Zhongtong, MAN, Higher Bus, Volvo Buses, and Scania. Needless to mention that Junk Cars removal buys and sells all these buses models and also many more. Don’t worry! With us, you don’t need to check the whole directory of bus buyers to see which of them buys the brand of your bus. All you need to do is to call us and when our staff arrives at your spot, list all information about your unwanted bus.

How to Get Bus Wreckers Brisbane Service?

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free cal removal in brisbane

Your bus valuation is free in junk cars removal.

We just need the necessary information about your bus to provide you with an initial value estimation. By necessary information, we mean age, model, and condition). So you can make a decision by just making a call. If the initial estimation was a good offer for you, you can go ahead with the next steps. Final valuation is made after our staff visits your broken bus in person.

Easy and fast car removal process in Brisbane and suburbs

Whenever you call us, we will be on your spot in just an hour and start buying process. If you choose us, there will be no paper works responsibility on your shoulders. We do all the official steps and provide you with the cash right on your spot. No matter where you are! Brisbane, sunshine coast, Logan, Caboolture, gold coast, and Ipswich are all covered in our company.

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How do you evaluate the cost of a damaged bus?

Based on model, type and condition. Volvo costs different than Scania. Totally damaged bus which does not even turn on, is much differently priced in comparison to a bus which is broken but will be okay with some severe repairments. With all that mentioned, we can pay you up to 9,999 dollars based on your bus. So, make sure to contact us as soon as possible. We will make an initial estimation based on information of your bus and you can decide to continue with us or not.

What is the best option to sell my bus in Brisbane?

Junk cars removal is the name you should bear in mind! Covering all Brisbane and suburbs area, we offer the highest prices and also tow your bus for free. That’s called the whole package!

Do I need to bring my bus to your location?

No! just make a call, give us an exact address and we will get there in just an hour. We also do your bus towing for free. By the way, your bus valuation will be done for free and you are not charged for that.

Why should I sell my old bus to you?

We have more than 10 years of experience. We have made the process of selling your unwanted bus as easy as possible and you don’t even have to go anywhere to visit us! You just call and we will be there. Also, you don’t have to be in Brisbane essentially, we cover Brisbane suburbs such as sunshine coast, Logan, caboolture, gold coast and Ipswich.

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