Sell your Trucks at the highest price in Brisbane

Junk Car Removals is the exact place at which you can sell your Truck for top cash with on-spot payment. Junk Car Removals accepts your truck at any condition.
With more than 10 years of experience in this field, being well-equipped, and gathering professional staff in one place, you can make sure that your unwanted Truck is recycled and bought in top dollars.

If you have any damaged, wrecked, scrapped, or unwanted Truck for any reason, all you have to do is to call Junk Car Removals and we will be at your spot in only an hour. 

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We do the car removal for trucks in Brisbane area in only an hour

We understand that you might be overwhelmed by the time-consuming processes of car removal, but if you use Junk Car removals services, your truck will be removed and the cash will be paid to you in just an hour. We have made the process so simple. After we bought your unwanted truck, they go through a wrecking process which has the official approval of the government of Australia.

Any parts of the truck which have the potential to be used in other cases are first taken out and because of the safety aspects of the operation, all the rusted metal and fluid are disposed of. Ultimately, the left over metal of the body is sent to steel recycling centers.

How to Get Truck Wreckers Brisbane Service?

With Junk Car removals, Towing services for Trucks is free throughout Brisbane. We have ready tow trucks on the roads so that our customer’s car removal is done at any time and place in Brisbane and the suburbs.

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free cal removal in brisbane

Junk car removals buys your truck of all brands

Trucks are useful vehicles, especially when moving to a new home. On the other side, since trucks are mostly driven on the roads, the risk of accidents is high.
Trucks are manufactured in different brands and factories. Brands such as Ford, Isuzu, Chevrolet, Audi, Honda, Jeep, Land rover and many else produce different kinds of trucks, namely, Pickup trucks, Trailer trucks, Box trucks, etc.

Pickup trucks are those which have an enclosed cabin with an open cargo area. However, in Australia these cars are named as utes which stands for utility vehicles. But don’t worry! Junk car removals buys your truck of any brand, model, or format. Not to mention that Besides from Brisbane,

we cover all suburbs such as sunshine coast, gold coast, caboolture, Ipswich and Logan.

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How do you evaluate the cost of a damaged Truck?

Since junk car removals has more than ten years of experience in buying and selling unwanted Trucks, it’s one of the most experienced companies in the Brisbane area. The first step is to provide our employees with every detail about the Truck you want to sell. Mention the model and condition of your Truck and if there is anything more that you feel is essential for us to know, mention them as well. If you want to have an estimated value before the official evaluation process is finished, our staff can offer that to you. this is important when you want to make an initial decision without passing all the steps.

What is the best option to sell my truck in Brisbane?

Do you have a broken truck, which is crushed in an accident and you don’t know what to do with it? Do you want to free up some space in your garage but don’t know how? Junk car removal is the best option you can ever find. With enough experience, this company knows the value of your unwanted truck and proposes the highest price among competitors.

Do I need to bring my truck to your location?

With free towing services offered by us, not only don’t you have to visit us in person, but also you will not pay even a dollar for towing your truck. With just a call, we will be at your spot, pick your truck and do the evaluation.

Why should I sell my old truck to you?

Because you want to use the space occupied by an old, not-working truck in the garage! That’s why you should contact us and sell your truck at the highest price ever in Brisbane and suburb areas.

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