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Car removal is no longer a dilemma if you choose Junk Car Removals. A free car removal service with experience in the field for over a decade and hundreds of happy customers across all Australia. Old car removal is seen as a lengthy, complicated and challenging issue but we have listened to the needs of our clients and created an all-around service in which old car removal for the owner only requires calling us! We take any car in any condition and you don’t need to worry a thing about the vehicle’s functionality. The inspection will be scheduled around your preferences and from this moment on our procedure begins. This process includes:
  • Inspection of the vehicle
  • Checking car documentation
  •  Assessing car value
  • Proposing price
  • Checking payment methods including cash for car removal
  • Free car removal
  • Paperwork and documentation
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Why to choose Junk Car Removals?

 Trustworthy old car removal addresses all questions and concerns of this transaction. Many of our clients had expressed their worries of possible legal consequences. We at Junk Car Removals have a legal team which follows up any ruling changes and requirements in different states and territories in Australia. This ensures that any time you do business with us, you are dealing with a team of legal experts being aware of different rules and laws for all sorts of conditions. Proper and fair car evaluation is another important element of a deal like this. Changes in the market, different evaluation standards for different brands and models and even more challenging, the condition of the car makes it seem argumentative and difficult.

Junk Car Removals has developed an efficient system to overcome this challenge which resulted in numerous happy customers. This is not the only reason we have been able to provide services for a decade as we have flexible payment methods including cash for your old car removal. An eco-friendly procedure as well as modern equipment have been put to work to make sure that during removal no harm is done to your property, neighbourhood or environment.  You need more to know about how this can be done? Give us a call!


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Steps to Get Your Old Car Removed

With Junk Car Removals, you only need to call us and schedule the inspection. Anything beyond that will be handled by us. You just need to prepare yourself for a farewell with the old vehicle.
Free car removal in brisbane
free cal removal in brisbane
Selling your car seems too tricky? A quick, fair deal with minimal hassle would have been the best thing, right? It does not seem possible as finding the right buyer, managing paperwork and lengthy negotiations happen all the time. Junk Car Removals offers you a smooth, efficient sale without headache. All you need to do is to get a quote now!
  • Sell Your Old Car for Cash
  • Sell Your Unwanted Car for Cash
  • Sell Your Junk Car for Cash
  • Sell Your Scrap Car for Cash
free car removal services
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free car removal services
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Less than 45 minutes no matter where you are.

Queensland, Ipswich, Logan, Caboolture and Gold Coast.

Yes. Any vehicle in any condition regardless of its size, model, brand and mileage is accepted.

No. You just need to provide the necessary documentation and the whole process will be handled by our team of experts.

 As soon as the inspection is done, our staff will explain every cost and fee thoroughly and we guarantee that there will be no hidden costs or fees outside this system.

Our documentation, licences as well as contact information is available on here: LINKKKKKKKKKK