How much does it cost to tow a car in Brisbane?

car towing costs in Brisbane

Sometimes your car or truck might unexpectedly break down despite all the effort and money you have spent on maintenance. Maybe your car is too old, and it’s been a wreck for a while now. In that case, you might need to check if your car maintenance costs are worth it? However, accidents happen, and there comes a time when your car breaks down on the side of the road. To deal with your car’s mechanical malfunction, you need a tow truck to take you and your vehicle to the nearest repair shop. It’s a problem that nearly every driver faces at some point. It’s not something you planned to do, but now you have to deal with the costs. How much are car towing prices in Brisbane? The answer depends on a variety of factors.

How do car towing prices work?

There are a few variables at work here, and that’s why it’s not easy to estimate how much a tow will cost you. But knowing the factors can help you estimate the probable costs. What you have to pay depends on your location, and the farther you need to be transported, the higher the price. Furthermore, you need to determine how exactly your car insurance policies toward towing work. Some car insurances cover towing costs, or you might be able to buy options for towing coverage. However, you might still have to pay some of the money out of your own pocket.

Difficulties in towing your vehicle can increase the costs. For example, if your car’s condition makes it difficult to hook up, you can expect additional fees. Your vehicle might be stuck in a ditch or needs to be moved into the road. The size of the car is another factor, as SUVs or trucks cost higher than compact cars.

Suppose your car is damaged because of an accident in which another driver was at fault. In that case, that driver’s liability coverage may pay to have your vehicle towed. Make sure to keep the paperwork and read this article: How to handle a minor car accident?

costs of towing a car in brisbane

Benefits of towing services

Towing companies know how to safely move your automobile, and they have the tools to take care of the job. Your car will not suffer any damage, and it will be removed from roadsides or dangerous places ASAP. Car towing services are available 24/7, although their prices might increase at some hours. But it’s a better option than leaving your car on the side of the road, where there is a high chance of theft.

If you have a junk car that you want to sell, car wreckers offer car removal services. This way, you don’t have to relocate the vehicle yourself. Junk car removals provide free junk car removal in Brisbane. We offer competing prices for your unwanted car.

How to prepare for calling a tow truck

If your car has broken down on the side of the road, follow these steps before calling a tow truck. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe location, far away from traffic and other potential hazards. You should also stay in a secure place. Next, look for a landmark, a street address or anything that can help you give the exact location to the towing truck driver. Google maps can help you quickly find your address. Also, look for nearby repair shops as your destination.

When you call the towing service, they will ask for your address. Tell them exactly where you are. Tell them the model and size of your car or if there is more than one vehicle that needs towing. Tell them where you need your automobile moved. If your car’s conditions can affect towing in any way, give this information to them because it can make the process easier for you and keep the costs to a minimum.

An overview of car towing prices in Brisbane

For a standard towing and transportation of a car, Brisbane’s estimated car towing prices are about $99 for up to 15 kilometres of tow distance. After that, the price rises to around $3.30 per kilometre. So, for instance, a 20-kilometre tow costs $115.50 and a 50-kilometre tow costs $214.50.

In 2017, the Queensland Government set maximum regulated towing fees to deal with tow price violations complaints. Based on the regulation, crash towing maximum regulated towing fee (for a standard tow):

  • $382.35—for the first 50km
  • $7.60—for each kilometre over 50km.

Towing companies offer other services that can increase the costs of towing. Examples of additional services that you can expect to be included in your fees are as follows:

  • Gas delivery and refill – between $50 – $100
  • Jump starting your car – between $40 – $80
  • Performing tyre change – between $50 – $100

Save money hiring a tow truck

If you are not dealing with an emergency, an excellent way to control costs is to ask around for quotes. You should call different towing services to get a quote and compare their prices. If you can find any local companies, they might charge less for relocating your vehicle. You should also ask your friends or family to recommend suitable car towing services.


No driver likes to think about having to call a tow truck to relocate his vehicle. Still, it happens to the best of us and knowing about the costs can save you time and money when it happens. The prices depend on your car’s size, location, the distance you want to move your vehicle, and how challenging the tow is. In Brisbane, car towing prices start from $99 for under 15 kilometres. Towing your car is safer than leaving your vehicle on the side of the road, and tow services know how to move your vehicle without causing any damage.

But it’s not only when your car breaks down that you need towing services. If you think, “I need tow services to pick up my car for cash“, you don’t have to worry about that anymore; we have free car removal and offer cash for unwanted cars in Brisbane! Give us a call today, and we will pick up your vehicle free of cost.

car towing costs in Brisbane

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