How to Know If You’ve Been Using the Wrong Transmission Fluid

transmission fluid

Transmission fluid
is among the most important things enabling your car to ride and take you around Brisbane. In this article from Junk Car Removals, we want to go through different symptoms that shows you’ve been using the wrong transmission fluid for your car! Are you ready? Then keep on reading!


What Exactly Is the Transmission Fluid?

The gearbox of your car works as a medium to transmit the power from the engine to the wheels in order for the car to move. Plus, it improves the quality of the car’s movement. The transmission fluid is a necessity for this transmission system to work properly. Since it works as the beating heart of the vehicle, it’s vital to use the right one for your car to work efficiently. When using the wrong one, your car will face issues with its performance and you can’t drive as smoothly as before. This fluid will lubricate the components of the automatic transmission system that are moving. Plus, it delivers hydraulic pressure and friction for the internal parts to function.


Different Transmission Fluid Types

Transmission fluids have three types:

  • Automatic Transmission Fluid (also known as ATF);
  • Manual Transmission Fluid (AKA: MTF);
  • and Continuous Variable Transmission Fluid (also goes by the name CVTF).

All these different types can be found around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Caboolture, Ipswich, Logan, and any other place around Australia. Keep in mind that by using the wrong fluid, you will damage the gearbox because they aid in the cooling of these systems when shifting gears. When using the right fluid, the gearbox can easily change the gears without damaging the components of the transmission system.

transmission fluid

Symptoms of Using the Wrong Transmission Fluid

Now that you know exactly what is transmission fluid, how it works, and its vital role in a vehicle’s transmission system, let’s go through different signs your vehicle will show when using the wrong one.


  • Locked Clutch

When using the wrong fluid, the synchronizer rings of the vehicle will prematurely fail, resulting in an abnormal shift of the transmission. In such cases, you can’t shift or end up grinding the gears. The clutch system will lock up and you should double-clutch. This is one of the signs telling you that you are probably using the wrong fluid. Then, you should take your vehicle to an expert for maintenance.


  • Engine Noises

Another sign from your vehicle begging you to change the transmission fluid is hearing strange noises from the engine! If you hear grinding or clunking noises from the engine, it might be from the wrong fluid not lubricating the components right and causing them to rub together.


  • Rough Shifting Gear

Have you ever experienced stiffness when trying to shift gears? It has happened to many of us drivers and one of the possible reasons could be using the wrong fluid. When facing difficulty shifting gears due to this reason, you will probably hear odd noises coming from the hood as well. So, don’t forget to check the fluid as soon as possible or else, you will damage the gearbox. And if you keep going, you may end up damaging the car to a point that your only choice would be selling your unwanted car in Brisbane and turn it into cash to buy a new one!


  • Slipping Gear

When using incorrect transmission fluid, the gears will slip. But don’t forget that gears can slip due to many different reasons. So, don’t just blame the fluid if that happens!


  • Car Stalls with Gear Shifting

If your car stall when you shift the gears, it could be a sign of using incorrect fluid. This is among the most important signs that you need to take seriously. Car stalls may cause accidents and hurt you and the ones around you.


  • Gears Won’t Shift

When the gears won’t shift, again, you should check the transmission fluid to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle.


What Should I do Now?

The problems we discussed above were the most popular ones indicating that you’ve been using the wrong transmission fluid for your vehicle. But the list can go on! When you saw any one of these signs, consider having your car checked by an expert as soon as possible, because in some cases, it may lead to accidents and cause danger to you and the ones around you.

When you noticed these signs, pull over your car and ask a mechanic to check your car. Don’t attempt to drive your car any further! Even if your car is still up and running, the more you drive, the more you cause damage to the car. Plus, you may end up causing accidents as well. If you can’t find a mechanic to show up where you are, request a towing service. They will move your car to a mechanic shop nearby.


How Junk Car Removals Can Help if You’ve Used the Wrong Transmission Fluid?

If you’ve used the wrong transmission fluid up to a point that now you can’t use your car, Junk Car Removals is at your service! We pay top cash for your car in Brisbane and help you sell your car quickly without any trouble, regardless of its age, model, or condition. We show up in less than an hour, pay you top cash right on the spot and pick up your used car free of charge. All you need to do is to give us a call and let us handle all the paperwork for free. Take action TODAY to avoid having to pay thousands of dollars to replace your transmission system later. Call us NOW and get a FREE QUOTE.

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